Welcome back!

This website is still being developed, and it now hosts a calendar of Jewish Lawyer Group and similar events!

Click “calendar” above!

The JLABC is a group of lawyers who make sure that JLG events continue to happen regularly.  Noah Sarna, who began the Jewish Lawyers Group in 2010, has been joined by Jon Festinger, QC, Alena Levitz, and Jeremy Costin.

In addition to bringing you quality events, and facilitating similar events around the community, our vision includes getting JLG information to you more efficiently, using tools like this website, Twitter, and a more efficient mailing list.

More information to come!



Welcome back! — 2 Comments

  1. I wish to join the JLABC – Living on Vancouver Island, I cannot always get to meetings but I shall certainly try when possible.

    Congrats to the group who put the group and continue to organize the group.



  2. Hi David,
    Thank you for your comment. We are using the JLABC as an administrative body to run the Jewish Lawyers Group. If we have your e-mail address from before, and if you received the bulletin by e-mail earlier today, then we’ve already got you on the distribution list. If you would like to update the contact information we have for you, feel free to e-mail us, either individually, or at events@jewishlawyersgroup.com.
    We have draft pages about the Jewish Lawyers Group, the JLABC, and the directors of the JLABC, and we’re going to post them soon.
    We hope to see you at the upcoming events. Let us know if you can make it!