CPD Information

To get your CPD credits, go to the Law Society web site and login.  Once you have logged in, click the link for Continuing Professional Development, then the tab for Record/Request Credits, and the link to record credits by searching the database.  Search for the term “2595″ and the link to the Jewish Lawyers Group program for 2012 should come up.  You must record your credit separately each time you attend.

Jewish Lawyer Group and JLG-associated events are accredited by the LSBC.  The Law Society allots credits every year to the Jewish Lawyers Group under the “study group” category.

In a given year, we aim to cover the ethics requirement, but it is up to you to determine whether the sessions you’ve attended have dutifully met that requirement, as not every session contributes to it.

Some community events are produced in association with the JLG.  Under the direct supervision of at least one of the JLABC directors, and after discussion among and approval by all of the directors, the JLG may give some of its annual CPD credit allotment to another community event.  Only under our direct supervision and with our input in the event programming do we allow this association that allocates some of our credit.  The Beth Israel Law and Learn program was developed with the direct input of JLABC director Jeremy Costin, and pursuant to discussion among all 4 JLABC directors.  Jeremy is attending all 6 B.I. sessions to ensure that standards are met so that you can obtain credit for attending them.